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Cartoon by Ali Ferzat,

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Growing intolerance for free speech is strangling the essence of our political life.

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  • Highlight the unique contribution of cartoonists to the democratic process.


During 2009, 14 cartoonists have had to take drastic defensive actions to protect their families and save their lives.  We are happy to report that during 2009 in 2010 no cartoonists have been killed.  Today, cartoonists from every corner of the world are targets of violence.  In the first half of 2007, as many cartoonists were attacked and jailed as in all of 2006.  According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 44 journalists were murdered in 2010.

Cartoonists are forced into self censorship or have censorship imposed on them by their governments, by militant religious interests, drug cartels, terrorists, economic interests, and individual thugs. While globalization has widened audiences and encouraged the cross-fertilization of ideas and influences, it has also opened the door to coordinated, subsidized and focused threats to individual cartoonists.  All of these influences conspire to deprive you, and these cartoon journalists, of our basic free speech rights.