Membership in groups


Most journalists belong to some kind of professional organization.  The professional organizations are there to help defend the profession as well as the economic interests of the members.  They may or may not want to get involved in defending human rights cases.  If you're considering joining a professional journalism organization, be sure to carefully read its Mission Statement.  The Mission Statement is the guiding philosophy that the organization presents to the public.  If you are hoping that membership in a professional organization might be helpful if you are attacked in a free speech case, be sure to make this clear with the organization's leaders when you join.

There is safety in numbers.  Joining professional organizations is a very important part of your total defensive strategy.  Become a member of the local journalists' associations, be registered within a human rights organization as a journalist or cartoonist, and attend meetings regularly so the officers of the organization develop a personal friendship with you.  If it is too expensive to pay the membership fees, you can ask international organizations if they can pay these fees on your behalf.  It is extremely important for you to belong to as many professional associations in your country as you can afford and you have time for.  The networking opportunities of membership might be good for your cartooning business as well.


  • Be a paid-up member of the local journalists' professional association.
  • Be an active leader in any local cartooning organization.  If none exists, consider starting one and linking it to CRNI. 

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