Cartoonists Rights Network Affiliate Leaders  


Cartoonists Rights Network, Albania           
Admir Banaj
P.O.Box 228
Tirana, Albania

Cartoonists Rights Network, Argentina
Ana von Rebeur

Cartoonists Rights Network, Bangladesh
Ahmed Kishore

Cartoonists Rights Network, Bulgaria
Ilian Vassilev Savkov

Cartoonists Rights Network, Canada
Nik Kowsar

Cartoonists Rights Network, Croatia
Nikola Plečko

Cartoonists Rights Network, Iran
Kianoush Ramezani

Cartoonists Rights Network, Macedonia
Natasa Kostovska

Cartoonists Rights Network, Moldova
Alex Dimitrov

Cartoonists Rights Network, Pakistan
Nigar Nizar

Cartoonists Rights Network, Romania
Aurel Stefan Alexandrescu

Cartoonists Rights Network, Serbia
Nikola Otas

Cartoonists Rights Network, Ukraine
Vladimir Kazanevsky

Cartoonist Rights Network, Zimbabwe:             email:


Cartoon by Hafiz Nesiroglu


Are you interested in joining CRNI as a local representative?


About representing CRNI in your country:

CRNI depends on its volunteer country representatives.  We call them Affiliate Leaders, who become our eyes and ears for reporting any local problems related to cartooning and free speech.  See Mission Statement on this website so you can read about what we do. 

Your job as Affiliate Leader: when you hear of any type of censorship or threats or attacks made against cartoonists or the free speech conditions for cartoonists, you write a report.  It is a human rights report, written as a news article:  who, when, where, why and how.  Especially important if a cartoonist is charged with a crime, what is the law he or she is charged with breaking?  Which court and any court appearance dates?  We also need to know who is the cartoonist’s legal representation.  We have to be able to contact the lawyers to coordinate a strategy to help the cartoonist.  We work with IFEX to support cartoonists in trouble.  CRNI is a member of IFEX.

Sometimes, those who help someone who has become an enemy of the state or labeled as anti-religious are also vulnerable to attack.  As a journalist, you must understand that defending free speech is not easy or always safe.  Your family should discuss with you whether or not you are prepared to take on these risks and responsibilities.  Normally, lawyers representing the accused are fairly immune to targeting.  If the cartoonist doesn't have a lawyer, it'd be your job to work with him or his family in getting good representation.  Also, you should alert the local representative of other free speech organizations resident in your country (see IFEX Members) and ask them to get involved with the cartoonist.   

We ask, in addition to being a busy and often over worked cartoonist, are you willing to also become a volunteer representative of cartoonists in trouble at the local level? 

Robert Russell
Executive Director
Cartoonists Rights Network International
Box 7272
Fairfax Station, VA 22039 USA
Protecting your Free Speech, one cartoonist at a time.