CRNI Annual Report 2009 Summary


 Cartoon by Arcadio Esquivel,

Cartoonists Rights Network International’s Mission is to
monitor and support the well-being of editorial cartoonists and their families who find themselves in danger due to the power and influence of their professional work.

CRNI achieves its mission by: 

  • Working directly with editorial cartoonists in danger to address their legal, familial and safety issues;
  • Posting alerts about cartoonists in danger;
  • Launching letter-writing campaigns on behalf of cartoonists in danger;
  • Educating the general public about free speech and freedom of expression issues as they relate to editorial cartooning;
  • Posting global updates on free speech and expression issues and cases via our website;
  • Maintaining and displaying a global archive of cartoons that have triggered human rights abuses inflicted upon authoring cartoonists;
  • Organizing and facilitating Freedom of Expression Workshops for editorial cartoonists, and;
  • Honoring the courage of an editorial cartoonist with our annual Award for Courage in Editorial Cartooning.


Click here to view a pdf copy of the 2009 Annual Report.