CRNI Joins an IFEX-TMG Statement of Concern for Tunisian Free Speech Rights


In the wake of recent government appointments to heads of prominent media outlets, as well as attacks on journalists, writers and artists, the International Freedom of Expression Exchange Tunisia Monitoring Group (IFEX-TMG), a coalition of 21 members of the International Freedom of Expression network (IFEX), expresses serious concern over what has been a wave of setbacks for freedom of expression in Tunisia.  IFEX is a global network of committed organizations working to defend and promote free expression.  IFEX-TMG is a coalition of 21 members of IFEX.  As part of the IFEX global network and the 21-member IFEX-TMG coalition, Cartoonists Rights Network International joins this publicly released statement of concern.

CRNI has been monitoring the situation in Tunisia.  In late May of this year, Dr. Bro Russell and CRNI Board Member Nik Kowsar led an IFEX-TMG cartooning workshop in Sousse, Tunisia.  In addition to talking shop with regional cartoonists, Bro and Nik heard the cartoonists’ assessments.  To read our news alert about the workshop, click on Regional Cartoonists at IFEX-TMG Workshop in Tunisia Express “Hope and Resolve.”

To quote Dr. Russell, "Our fears that the Arab Spring is only making room for the next crop of dictators unfortunately seem to be well founded."  As reflected in today’s IFEX-TMG press release, CRNI continues to be alarmed at the deteriorating human rights and free speech conditions in Tunisia.  

To read the full IFEX-TMG press release, click on Old-style repression threatens free expression in new Tunisia