Thank You Everyone for a Great 24th Annual Cartoons & Cocktails Charity Auction


Photograph of Young D.C. alumnus and Washington Post cartoonist Eric Shansby by Drew Rougier-Chapman

Cartoonists Rights Network International thanks all the volunteers who donated their time and efforts, all the talented cartoonists who donated their artwork, and all the fans of cartoons who championed our local youth and everyone's free speech rights.  Thank you so much making the 2011 Cartoons & Cocktails Charity Auction a fun and successful event.

First and foremost, we would like to thank all the cartoonists who generously donated their work.   We thank our former clients - who keenly appreciate how precious and vulnerable free speech is - Adenle Adewale, Musa Kart, Jonathan "Zapiro" Shapiro, Vladimir Kazanevsky, Tony Namate and Board Member Nik Kowsar.  We thank the cartoonists who attended this year's event and met some of their fans.  Thank you:

Photograph of Young D.C. board member and Wahington Examiner cartoonist Nate Beeler, and, videographer Sara Snyder by Drew Rougier-Chapman

We give an especially big thank you to Rajan Sedalia who raised  money by not only donating his work but also by drawing caricatures for our guests. 

We thank those cartoonists who donated their work despite not being able to attend this fun event.   Thank you:

Thank you to our sponsors.  Without the support of the following folks, there simply wouldn't have been an event: 

Thank you to our volunteers.  You not only made the event possible but you also made the event a whole lot of fun.  The following individuals shined offstage:

  • Samara Sit, the Event's Leader
  • Tom Donlan
  • S.M. Mannix
  • JIm Hanessian
  • Carol Lange
  • Nicole Blount
  • Ronnie Gold
  • CRNI Board Member Nik Kowsar
  • CRNI Board Member Matt Wuerker, Editorial Cartoonist of Politico.com
  • Nate Beeler, Young D.C. Board Member and Editorial Cartoonist of the Washington Examiner
  • Cynthia Farrell Johnson
  • Kathy Mannix of Young D.C.
  • Nancy Osborn
  • Michael Phelps
  • Malie Diirecksze-Russell of First Book
  • Tiana Russell
  • Kimberly Abts
  • Brenda Berry
  • Jennifer Broome
  • Delia Butler
  • Alice Donlan
  • Richard Eisendorf
  • Nina Golden
  • Mary Hanlan
  • Barbara Harrid
  • Judy HInes
  • Dawn Peterson
  • Ann Ragland
  • Reginald Ragland
  • David Rapp
  • Phil Reid
  • Heather Schwenk
  • Marie Sherrett
  • Tiffany Tyler
  • Lauren Wells
  • CRNI Executive Director Robert "Bro" Russell
  • CRNI Deputy Director Drew Rougier-Chapman
  • Newseum, President and CEO James Duff
  • Newseum. Chairman Charles Overby 
  • Newseum. Senior Vice President of Technology JIm Updike
  • Newseum. Director of Operations John Riggio
  • Newseum. Executive Chief David Spychalski, and,
  • Young D.C.'s Teen Journalists

The following individuals shined in the spotlight as celebrity auctioneers:

The following two individuals shined in and out of the spotlight both as auctioneers and as behind the scenes volunteers:

  • Carol Knopes, and,
  • CRNI Consultant Pascale Craan

Pascale Craan auctioned the Zapiro cartoon featured below.  A powerful indictment of the Syrian regime's brutality, Zapiro's cartoon received one of the highest final bids of the evening.   As stunning as that cartoon is, the success of its sale is still in large part due to Pascale's very entertaining presentation.      


Cartoon by Jonathan "Zapiro' Shapiro from the Johannesburg Sunday Times

Lastly, we thank everyone who attended.  We look forward to seeing you at next year's Cartoons & Cocktails