July 31, 2013 Interview with Jonathan Guyer


Because Jonathan is a cartoonist himself, and a globally recognized Middle East political analyst, he is positioned to be one of the best observers of the political cartooning world in Egypt and the entire Middle East/ North African region. His articles have appeared in numerous globally-based journals and Jonathan's appearances include The New Yorker, Al JazeeraThe Economist, Salon, Reuters, France 24 and he has been interviewed on National Public Radio in the United States. He is a senior editor at the Cairo Review of Global Affairs.  Currently, he is hosting an exhibit in London of the political cartoons of Sudanese cartoonist Khalid Albaih, Jonathan will be moderating a talk at the exhibit.

Our interview with him produced a wide-ranging review of the development of political cartooning in Egypt during the Arab spring to the present.  He says that political cartooning continues to be an effective and important channel of communication between the warring parties. Apparently, even the most conservative fundamentalist political groups have their own cartoonists churning out creative and interesting political cartoons supporting their respective positions.

To keep up-to-date on the current events and the changing climate in Egypt follow Jonathan Guyer on his blog Oum Cartoon and follow him on twitter @mideastXmidwest. To learn more about Jonathan and his writing, editing, cartooning and recent appearances click here.
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